Dershowitz, Trump Soulmates on Witch Hunt

The Left’s outrage over the outcome of last fall’s election continues to be expressed in the ongoing Trump-Russia probe.

The president and his allies claim that it’s nothing more than a political witch hunt because Democrats are frustrated over losing the White House.

It’s a premise that’s also supported by liberal legal icon Alan Dershowitz, who is sharply critical of what he refers to as ‘criminalizing political differences.’

“We have to stop criminalizing political differences,” Dershowitz said on FOX & Friends. “Criminal law should be reserved for obvious violations of the criminal law that exists, not for making political points against your political enemies on both sides.”

Dershowitz, a professor of law, emeritus, at Harvard University, later elaborated on these views in an appearance on Fox’s Tucker Carlson Tonight.

Mike Kersmarki is an author in Tampa, Fla. He currently is writing a domestic policy book: “Worker’s Party: How to Help ALL Americans Achieve Their Full Economic Potential.”