Root for Nancy. She’s the Gift That Keeps on Giving and Giving and Giving

Nancy Pelosi, the former House Speaker and de facto national leader of the Democratic Party, presided over the Dem’s loss of the House in 2010. She and the rest of the Dem’s Old Guard have ‘coached’ the party during FOUR straight losses (every two years) in House elections.

Just about everyone who follows sports has a favorite team or hero. But in the political game, if you root for any one person over the next 18 months, please, oh PU-LEEZE, root for Nancy Pelosi to stay at the top of the Democratic Party.

Sure, support among her own team may not exactly be rock solid after two more losses Tuesday (June 20) in special Congressional elections.

In fact, the media rats may already be jumping from San Francisco’s version of the Titanic if the headlines are any indication (though, strangely enough, most cable news programs stopped talking about the Georgia race they had hyped so much shortly after it became apparent Tuesday night that the Democrat was going to lose the election. Funny how that works, isn’t it?):

NPR: Democrats Play Blame Game With Pelosi After Georgia Election — To GOP’s Glee
NYT: Democrats Seeth After George Loss: ‘Our Brand is Worse Than Trump’
WashPO: Democrats Reel From Another Special-Election Loss, and Some Point Fingers at Pelosi

But in an effort to reach across the aisle, Republicans want Nancy to know that the GOP is behind you 100 percent!

Nancy can always depend on Republicans to do everything in their power to keep her in power. The GOP will do whatever it can to ensure that Pelosi’s Old Guard stays in charge for at least one more midterm election by cowing prospective young leaders in the House from challenging the Democrats’ grizzly gang of old ideas.

2017 Democratic Old Guard in the U.S. House

What the heck. Just keep leading the party into 2020 and beyond.

Republicans love you guys!

And the GOP is especially glad that despite a setback or two, you still remain confident about yourself and the great job you think you’ve been doing.

“I’m a master legislator. I am a strategic, politically astute leader. My leadership is recognized by many around the country, and that is why I’m able to attract the support that I do.”
-Former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi from a press conference on Thursday.

Republicans also agree with Nancy that she is second to none in raising tons of money from Hollywood, Silicon Valley, Lawyers and other smug elites. That includes the Georgia special election where Democrats wasted more than $30 million, making it the most expensive House race in American history.

The GOP especially loves her willingness to spread it around through her inadvertent but tireless efforts to help raise tens of millions of dollars for GOP candidates across the nation.

Republican office seekers — who also have gained hundreds and hundreds of seats in state and local elections party because of the Pelosi-Obama-Reid unholy trio— really like holding you up as an example of what happens when the progressive-wing of the Democratic Party gains power. Your self-professed leadership qualities and your infamous list of accomplishments, including Obamacare, truly are the gifts that keeps on giving … to Republicans.

And, if things go as expected in 2018, GOP candidates in many, many states also would like to thank Nancy ahead of time for helping the Republicans gain an even greater majority in the Senate — maybe even enough to overcome Cryin’ Chuck’s obstructionist filibusters.

Truth be told, Nancy’s tremendous fundraising prowess from limousine liberals is also valuable because it’s actually kind of nice to see left wingers spending their own millions for once instead of wasting other people’s money in Washington.

So, Nancy, Republicans really, truly do hope that you can keep up all of that great work on behalf of your fellow travelers on the Left Coast.

And thanks again for doing your part to help President Trump and the Republican Party to make America Great Again.

Mike Kersmarki is an author in Tampa, Fla. He currently is writing a domestic policy book: “Worker’s Party: How to Help ALL Americans Achieve Their Full Economic Potential.”