No, Neil deGrasse Tyson, squashing curiosity and wonder is never okay
Ethan Siegel

While Neil deGrasse Tyson ain’t exactly a science icon (maybe in his own mind) — and now shows himself to be a garden-variety science snob — he’s still important enough to verbally slap around if he says or does something stupid.

So, thank you for that, Mr. Siegel, and your Starts With a Bang in Forbes.

NdT, by virtue of his condescending remarks as people wondered about the recent eclipse, is apparently incapable of realizing that it’s actually a good thing for people to be in awe of nature and the universe around us,

You don’t actually have to be a ‘real’ scientist to enjoy learning new things.

If he really cared about discovery, he forgets that the public, the ‘little people’, the TAXpayers are the ones who help pay for good science. We don’t have to understand it completely to appreciate its value to all of us.

NdT should never forget what they said in the movie, The Right Stuff: No Bucks, No Buck Rogers.’

So, thanks, Mr. Siegel, for speaking truth to power for the benefit of us all.

Here’s my own feeble attempt at that.

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