No it isn't.
Svetlana Voreskova

Ah, but you miss the point. I’m not saying the China or the EU is a model that will work but that they have assumed leadership with the final collapse of the US. China has the power and people and will be dominant for the foreseeable future unless they collapse internally. And they have done that before many times. It is not the EU now but specifically Germany that is the leader of what use to be the “free” world balancing China and keeping an eye on Putin and the Middle East. There is hope for France but not much as Macron is still caught in the old left, right, center vision that no longer works. But he has a big enough mandate to maybe build something new. For that matter Merkel is also caught in the old but, by being a social democracy may be able to transition to something new. I don’t expect the EU to survive but it will outlive the US.

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