6 Things Conservatives Need to Change in 2016 to Engage Millennials
The Halcyon Movement

An interesting and encouraging analysis. While some of these points are good they fail to address the basic problem of defining conservatism as a political philosophy. Identifying millennials as targets for what passes for conservatism currently in the US is hopeless. Conservatism as conservation of existing social forms and systems is certainly valid. Conservatism as advocacy of private management versus public management of society is also very valid. These are the basic issues that form the human social dynamic. There is no right or wrong here but only options to be driven by situational relevance and group preference. That is representational politics. The issues at the center of the current Republican party are primarily racist, misogynistic, xenophobic, and criminal. I think we are coming as a species to see that universal rights cannot be questioned politically. The right to life, healthcare, shelter and sustenance are not questions of political discussion. With that understanding what is described as conservativism here is simply not valid. The abandonment of American conservativism and religion by millennials is simply the historical shift to a broader morality and a scientifically based spirituality. Conservatism can regain legitimacy within this moral framework.

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