Coming Home

I don’t know how many times I’ve read our listened to the statement that Scandinavian democratic socialism is some kind of farce or wouldn’t work in a real country. Or words that carried that meaning spoken by people who, apparently, had no experience anywhere but Kansas or Texas. Having known and worked with many Europeans (and Norwegians) their general position, once they knew they would not be considered impolite, was to say the things they liked about the US but that it is not a place to raise a family.

Most of the people in this country have no idea.

And today Paul Ryan, who is somehow very important, said that those 22 million Americans who would lose any healthcare at all were not a problem because they didn’t want healthcare. So they were being relieved of having to make the decision. What a wonderful thing that was. That could only work in a place where people are so ignorant or stupid that it’s breathtaking.

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