Natural Evolution: A.I./bots in managerial positions
Adam Milton-Barker

I just wrote a response to another article on the future of work focusing on understanding the widening gap between the worlds that people live in now dependent on their acceptance of technology driven change. Your questions triggered a reaction to that gap. I was surprised by the answers you received that ignored your questions, and their wording, to totally reject taking orders from an AI. It also seems natural to me to work with and for an AI. Yet your respondents obviously don’t understand how that could even be considered. My point is how much these conceptual differences create mutually incomprehensible world views. Being asked to make a functional choice in a world that cannot be allowed to exist can only produce emotional rejection. I see this at the base of the current political collapse in this country. And we all need to understand that mutually incomprehensible worlds make even basic communication impossible.

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