I’ll think it is an interesting development that’s in line with what happens in the world of…
Mark Nieuwenhuizen

I think this makes sense whether I like it or not. While I have been around quite long enough have seen the ‘end of the advertising world as we know it’ a number of times (as notes in another response) adjustments are made and it all trundles on. The one thing that is consistent is that the effective contacts or responses are fewer and fewer so that millions of more attempts are required to get a response. In the old days of direct mail (snail) the rate of return was about 5%. The early days of Internet/web advertising was about .5% but that drove spamming which was technically possible. The clutter we now wee is the efforts to keep some sort of value out of the old advertising view model. The collateral damage is too great and a new model needs to be developed. And the only alternative I can see will require the viewer’s participation in requesting certain types of information or product information. Why not just ask me what ads I want to see this week?

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