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Making it all work for us for a change . . .

Too much death and suffering

We’ve been stumbling from one disaster and/or mass shooting to another since the great election disaster of 2016. Yes, mass shootings are as American as apple pie but they certainly seem to be bigger and better in Trump’s world. How many times in the last eleven months have you found yourself holding your breath knowing Trump is about to do something really stupid? We are kind of inured to the constant narcissistic drama of Trump proving that he is even more dangerous and disturbed than we thought. This is exhausting so no wonder we can do little but wait for the other shoe to drop, and then the other, and the other.

But how do we get out of this hell hole? What do we need to do?

We know that things are collapsing around us except for the cloistered world of finance and Washington DC politics where everything is beautiful and nothing hurts as long as you are a billionaire. Nuclear war is a thing for the first time in forty years. We know what all of this means. But how do we get out of this hell hole? What do we need to do?

I’ve said this before and will say it again. We need to put Trump away along with his cronies all of whom don’t seem to have enough sense to just discreetly fill their pockets and attempt to look competent while they are doing it. The worst level of corruption in over a hundred years is the price you pay for allowing low level criminal to gain power. They are all going to become filthy rich, if they weren’t already. Even the Ben guy who seems to have acquired a bad case of dementia since his days as a surgeon. Maybe no one told him he is supposed to be filling his pockets while he can. That’s OK he can do what he wants. Let’s ignore him and everyone else.

We can’t do anything about the damn media because they have been corrupt for so long they’ve forgotten what ‘not corrupt’ even looks like. But if we make it clear we really don’t care to hear anymore about Trump until he agrees to resign or until Mueller puts him away, we may be able to retain our sanity to begin building something new out of the American rubble. That is the greatest resistance possible. Just ignore these worthless pieces of shit.

But that is an interim strategy. What do we after Trump and his goons are gone and the political party that opened the door for him has been declared illegal and a terrorist organization?

Our species Age of Transition

We have already left the Information Age and have entered a new Age of Transition. We need to deal with this change and we need to deal with it quickly. We can’t ignore the fact that the problems we are in are the result of structural failures in the American hyper-capitalist nation-state. This has nothing really to do with Trump and the greed lords who are trying to use him to destroy the middle class for their gain. Their days are numbered and have been for forty or more years. The world that they built for their own benefit is on it’s last legs. We know the illusion of infinite growth capitalism is unsustainable. We know that the era of disastrous climate change that we are entering is the result of that illusion of infinite growth with no responsibility. The storms, the rising sea levels, the heat and the cold extremes, the drought and the fires are already accelerating beyond the high end of the predicted ranges. That is the reality that will take more and more of our time and resources to handle. We need to change quickly while we still have available time and resources.

Anyone with servers and skills can reach in and screw with your population for their own ends.

The new social media, that the old governments are trying to use for their own ends, are increasingly out of control of those very governments because borders don’t exist in the digital world. Anyone with servers and skills can reach in and screw with your population for their own ends. Sure you can do it to your own people but you need to compete with all the other virtual sources. If you’ve destroyed your population’s trust with constant lies and greed you’ve built your own pyre and the flames are licking at your feet. Nation-states are giant anomalies in the new digital world. They will soon die. How soon? Too many variables and too much diversity in status to tell. It is increasingly obvious that the US is in rapid decline with Britain a close second. The withering away of the nation-state is also a gigantic change that most people cannot even imagine so there is no hope, yet, of talking about this or planning. That must change now.

Digital Democracy

Neoliberal, pseudo representative governments are dysfunctional and no one knows how to fix them. The election of two or three Democratic Party governors in the US off year elections is going to do what? Will that stop the destruction? No one trusts the old political system and its players so what do you gain? And it is nearly certain that the system will lock up and protect itself to prevent any significant change. The forces of greed own all and citizen elected governments are powerless. Who will replace the nation-states? Google, Amazon, Facebook, Apple, and Microsoft have already replaced the role of national governments with continuous interaction and educational process. Facebook has over 2 billion users making it double the size of the largest nation-state, China. Think about it. The new digital human organizations are omnipresent in many people’s lives. We can avoid dealing with a national government for days or weeks at a time but we interact with their new digital replacements many times per day. Even China‘s gigantic censorship systems are easily defeated by the population daily. Who really controls China? Beijing or Tencent? Which one do people actually need and rely on for day to day services? What will they chose if they are given the choice?

Why would we waste time voting. . . for a political hack who will never talk to us but will sell his or her vote to the highest bidder?

Those new digital replacements for nations are also building the new universe of virtual realities that we will chose to live in as things worsen in our physical world. The old governments are merely a nuisance now and the new systems are beginning to make decisions based on that realization. The old nation states are dinosaurs that are already brain dead but that fact hasn’t worked its way out to the limbs and the tale. The presence of brain dead rulers, such as Trump, are very clear indications of the reality that people are simply refusing to face. Elections are a farce as the US has shown. Why bother? But is this the end of “democracy”? Despite the fever dreams of the US GOP and Trump’s dementia not to mention authoritarian Chinese model, no. We are seeing something completely different emerging. The 18th century representative political system was meant to sample critical selection of representatives by a portion of the population (white, male in the US tradition) within the practical limits of the 18th century. Now our desires and actions are sampled constantly with increasingly sophisticated modeling on not only what we want but what we need based on our purchases and consumption of information. Think about that a bit.

Why would we waste time voting, with increasing difficulty based on the bigotry of the current rulers, for a political hack who will never talk to us but will sell his or her vote to the highest bidder. And will do this without even the pretense of determining or acting on our interests and needs. Hence the failure of the representative system and the corrupt idiocy of the US Congress. The new replacement digital system knows more about our needs and wants than we do already. What we need to do is demand that our “official” profile is ours and always visible and editable by us and is made anonymous in aggregation. We can choose to allow our profile to be used to determine positions on public issues or require that we receive the question for direct response. The projected position of your profile on any issue can be checked, accepted for use or changed as needed. You will be constantly voting. Wait, isn’t that direct democracy? Yes, holy shit. Now it is possible, in fact, already being done for commercial purposes everyday for you, your neighborhood, and our city. Why not make that our governmental administration and eliminate the worthless middlemen? But where else will we go with this?

All services are provided by your digital corporate citizenship wherever you are. But what about work? Everyone is aware that jobs are going away with AI based automation due to replace a large percentage of jobs. How many and how soon? Perhaps we have five years or maybe ten depending on how you make a living. If you are a creative or high level manager perhaps your good for a lifetime in the new economy. The standard assumption is that some 40%+ of the population in post industrial regions are going to be out in the street. The best solution for that is Universal Basic Income but how do you pay for that? Too many people think that they will be forced to pay for all the other non-working people. That doesn’t make any sense in any case. What makes sense is a more equitable and logical allocation of planetary resources but that is another huge leap into the unknown. How do we transition to that?

Let’s put these pieces that already are happening, together. The planet’s top corporations, already replacing governments in size and wealth with direct daily interaction with billions of people, make their money with your information. Doesn’t that rightfully belong to you? If we are allowing the new digital administration with new digital citizenship to handle democratic decision making then they should be paying for your information that they use for profit. Right now they steal it and are probably not telling you how they are using it. We know we need to correct this so why don’t we do all of this at once? Time is of the essence, remember, as our climate is going to make life too miserable for us soon. We need to get changed to handle this now.

What if we let the largest tech and social media companies offer citizenship under this model with payment to their citizens for the use of their information. This becomes the source for everyone’s Universal Basic Income. We could make this a market for citizens with the digital governments recruiting the population to join their entity. Google might offer more than Microsoft and less than Apple. Facebook will take anyone. Everyone must be part of the digital world with minimum income for their data and percentage of the revenue that comes from it.

Lots to think about but we would be going where the world is taking us and making it work for us. Somehow, to me at least, this doesn’t seem so hard as we are already on our way. We just need to restructure, quickly, for the new planetary, digital society.

Do you have ideas that go with this model? How about details for implementation? Problems? Of course this is all impossible and stupid if you think that everything is working perfectly but I can guarantee that won’t last so lest no waste our time on detail. Let me know what you think.