Meat should go the way of fossil fuels

Want to help reduce climate disasters?

“cattle behind fence” by Patrick Baum on Unsplash

Vegans are the future and that does not mean a future devoid of haute cuisine. It means a future that may see Homo sapiens still extant on the face of the planet. Let’s hear it for human survival.

A high percentage of people under thirty are vegans whether or not they eat avocados. That is a critical change that may help save us all. Meat and dairy production are now passing the oil industry as the primary source of greenhouse gases.

How many people ask for ways to affect changes that will reduce the growing climate disaster? Driving an electric car is good but there are still problems dependent on the nature of power generation in your area. You also only drive one electric car. What else can be done?

Becoming vegan is the single, largest change you can make for our climate. Give up meat and dairy as part of your diet. Ok, if going cold turkey on ice cream is too much for you, switch your coffee creamer to soy or almond. But at least seriously reduce the meat in your diet.

There is a very large health benefit that comes along with this. But I won’t go into that although it was the primary reason for my becoming a vegetarian thirty years ago. Because of that I have never, until now, been a evangelical vegetarian let alone vegan. But times change.

It would be nice for my grandchildren and great grandchildren to have a shot at having their own. We know now in precise detail that we have at most twelve years before our incompetence and stupidity on global climate destruction may not be recoverable without huge costs.

When I first became a vegan, before the word had been invented, it was very hard indeed. Particularly in America’s heartland, the original home of meat and dairy farms and ranches. I grew up with that. Only one man, a great uncle, on my father’s side of the family lived to see sixty-five. I’m older than any of them.

It took me many more years to manage to return to nearly full vegan diet with some occasional free swimming sea vegetables for family events and holidays. But dropping dairy products proved to be both beneficial and not difficult. It’s the cultural orientation to certain foods that screws us up.

Things have come a long way over the last forty years. Japanese and Chinese plus Thai and Indian diets are a part of everyday menus. Those allow you to easily move to no or less meat and no dairy.

That change is not a loss of anything good. You can think of it as adding a year to your grandchildren’s life as well as your own and, potentially, a step up in quality of living for the changes that you make right now.

And right now is the time. You can be sure that, as a vegan, you will never be confused for a Trumpist. There’s a lot to be said for that, alone.