Wish It Were So.
Doc Huston

Starting from the bottom, yes, I get the picture. And, yes, this is now the big time and the struggle (ongoing) to control nuclear weapons is the little league compared to AI. Obviously I am very concerned with the general failure to understand the emerging dominance of China. This is beyond whether we want that or not or whether that is the best approach for our planetary development, we have made decisions over the last forty years that have resulted in our abrogation of responsibility by failing to educate our population and allowing small minded, greedy people to gain control for their own short term benefit. The Chinese have accepted the leadership on climate change and are fully committed to AI and all necessary science and education to achieve dominance. The Chinese understand what that means. We don’t.

The implications of that are becoming clearer by the day. The only hope that I can see is that the Paris accord becomes the basis for a unified push for AI in the battle against climate change. That could force openness on the Chinese with most other nations balancing their power. The US could still be a player but not if it continues to disintegrate by pandering to fascists, hyper-capitalists and worshipping ignorance. The speed of change and the urgency is forcing decisions now.

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