The answer is not to end nationalism and globalisation; the answer is to provide a better narrative
Nationalism and Globalisation are not simply “good” or “bad”: They are human stories that need…
Liam Mikhail OConnor

The new narrative

We are in a complex system phase shift and all the rules are changing. The problem is figuring out a new, shareable narrative that fits the new rules. As you explained nationalism/fascism is the age-old reaction to the collapse of institutional trust. It has no policies other than personal power gained by opportunistic offers of loot to supporters. In its oldest form it is the feudal warlord looting the failed state. Trump is a stereotypical example playing on fears of abandonment with wild promises interspersed with wild threats.

The new narrative already has key pieces becoming clear. UBI, management by AI/big data/machine learning, urban centered politics, planetary economics, intellect based value systems, blockchain agreements/currencies self administered. These are all anathema to fascists/nationalists because they will remove most opportunities for corruption and place sovereignty directly in each individual.

Think about it. . .

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