So blue. The heartbroken case for Hillary Clinton
Erica Etelson

This is very well written and does an excellent job of articulating the dilemma that so many of us face. I suspect I am a bit more positive about Hilary’s ability to learn simply because she is so competent. But that is a long shot and the length of the shot scares the hell out of me. That combined with the ease with which someone like Donald Trump can manipulate the mass media to roust out the haters, racists, and misogynists solely for self-promotion shows how close to collapse we have come. The fact that one of the two national parties cannot bring itself to denounce the monster they have created makes it hard to see how we can begin a process of change that must transform our basic assumptions about who we are and what we must do.

The gap that is clearly visible between what we apparently are and what we thought we were makes the attempt to reach a post-capitalist America a “bridge too far”.

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