A Note
umair haque

Time to escape

Can we escape?

A note to a Note. Yes, the American version of the nation-state is circling the drain, picking up speed and about to disappear. That, in itself, is a cause of pain. We are going down with the swirling mess of ‘isms’. But the first step to survival is let the ‘isms’ go. We are going down now because we insist that there is nothing else. The ones that are not frightened, depressed, appalled at the condition we are in, or make that claim, are unwilling to even acknowledge reality. Yes, there are a bunch of those people but they are a minority. And the rest of us who have struggled for diversity and expanded rights with a right to happiness thought we had it in sight but now have to admit we were also deluded and refused to accept that a fundamental mistake was made that made our goals of rights and happiness unreachable in this nation. The problem with fundamental mistakes is that they become hidden in the mass of resulting problems and subsequent errors. No matter how hard you work you can get close but the real goals are unobtainable. We are at that point now. Not alone there but the cause of greatest damage because of our size and suffering the greatest pain because of our national illusions.

The fall from our imagined heights is long and agonizing. For those who believed the hardest the fall is beyond pain and beyond understanding hence the desperation of the old fascist illusion of someone with power to restore the fantasy. Reality is a liar. Who better than a third rate reality star with no understanding of reality to make us believe the fantasy. But that illusion is gone except for those with no hope left and only anger. It’s time to leave them to their delusions and abandon those who cannot be helped. Perhaps we can come back for them later.

But now we need to move on. The new models are being built around us in more innovative states and cities and,even, countries.

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