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Watching America Fail

When compromise is an illusion

by Mike Meyer

I’ve spent the last few weeks trying to find hope in America’s increasingly desperate quest for normalcy. The rather ugly term ‘normalcy’ is appropriate as it was invented by President Warren G. Harding to embody something that no longer existed that he wanted to sell. It proved to be popular enough to get him elected

The concept of normalcy is a quest for an imaginary past that was not driven by change. This is the dreamland of the privileged and incompetent where there superiority is never challenged. There were times like that but they haven’t existed for several centuries except for strange American sub-cultural memories usually tied to racism.

We are in very rapid change and there is no escape. This is only going to be more of what a portion of the population finds so repulsive and exhausting. Equity, rights expansion and group identification are a byproduct of universal networking and instantaneous virtual community development. Trying to slow, stop, or end this is something like stopping a nuclear chain reaction for Boomers or a viral meme for everyone younger.

The only way to slow this down is to gain complete control of all social media as China is attempting, or to declare all but the limited elite non-citizens or subhuman as the fascists and nationalists such as Trump are doing. This is the source of the bizarre, racist, authoritarianism that has been sold to the portions of the population that cannot tolerate the loss of privilege and the recognition of their own future as a minority.

“No!”, they scream, “I don’t want to be a minority! I’m not, I’m not, I’m not!”

This is clearly apparent but no one in America wants to simply admit that the past is gone and white supremacy is over. This minority (ironically the minority that refuses to be a minority) is willing to destroy the entire socio-political system to prevent this admission from being made. Sadly a large element of the population that doesn’t want the system to be destroyed by ignorance and hatred but doesn’t have the guts to say what they know.

This is the group that will destroy America. We know the bigoted and easily manipulated as they are always with us as a troublesome minority but they are only pawns for authoritarian power games. People who have only value as controlled voters if the majority can be dispossessed. But the gutless will carry the weight of history for their refusal to acknowledge reality and act on it.

This last group includes the endless pundits and politicians who don’t want to support evil but are cowards. They have their piece of the old order and don’t want to give up their place in the white hierarchy even if it is evil. We just won’t call it evil.

Oh, yeah, those folks are a little bit right. Things are probably going too far. Who is going to claim the right to be left alone next? What if we don’t have anyone we can abuse? That can’t be right. All those people owe everything they have to us, am I right?

This is the cycle into self destruction that I’ve watched spinning faster and faster in America’s decline. We’re not evil but no one can say we don’t have the right to be evil. Isn’t that it? Don’t we have the right to do the evil things that make us what we are? This is what we and my family have always known and what we are. It’s not really evil.

It’s just normal.

How will this end? Not well. This is not a democratic process of compromise. Some things cannot be compromised. That is an illusion because that compromise is surrendering to evil in order to hold privilege.

That’s what it comes to in the end. The greed and privilege that destroys rights and democratic ideals. Rights are fine but only if they maintain normalcy. The wrong people can’t be allowed to define themselves and we, who already have this right, have the right to deny them a community that is respected and has power on this planet

As my late mother used to say, I’m not a racist, but those people should stay in their place. Why can’t they just stay in their place?

There are those who want us all to stay in the place they define for us. They are the ones that will fail to vote or will waffle and think the system is still working. We are seeing its failure.