I am eating chili, at my desk, at work, trying to work. Actually, I am trying to NOT get it on my shirt, avoid a conversation with my wife about laundry, and avoid another series in stained shirts that I like but cannot wear to work anymore.

None of our life’s actions seems to have single meanings anymore. Everything is a triple play and double halfback-Omaha-triple-west coast option. No longer is it eat, drink, and be merry. It’s eat-drink-be merry.

Lately I have been looking at the parts of my day that seem to have greater effect on my “productive” day than originally planned. Routines that are embedded in my day from jump out of bed at the alarm to good night and sleep tight. Those things that get the food from the fridge to my plate, my lunch in my sack, me out the door on time, and the world off my back.


Routines like my morning routine, my start of my time at my office routine, lunch routine, eating routine, bathroom routine (honestly, we all have one), leaving work routine, dinner routine, bed time routine, and so on. The things I do so I can do the things I do.

None of these are simple anymore thank you very much. Triple plays and QB options. Omaha.

So while I am trying to work, performing a perfect boondoggle with my chili, I am reflecting on the fact that even though things look more complex, they really are not, if I look at the little things, and simply do them better, complete them regularly, and allow them to help me when I am supposed to be “productive”.

Do more with less, and then do more. If you have a routine that works.

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