Cuthbert J. Twillie
May 6 · 1 min read

These same 375 ex-Prosecutors / DOJ officials found it perfectly reasonable for Hillary Clinton to IGNORE subpoenas from Congress, smash a dozen Smart-Phones that had State Dept & other Top Secret emails that rightfully belonged to the FedGov with HAMMERS, turn her Illegal and Unauthorized Private Email Server over to a private company so they could delete everything on the Hard Drive, then ‘acid wash’ it to make double-sure that not one bit of info remained on it, then LIED to FBI investigators during her ‘interview’ with the agents.

The 375 ex-Prosecutors / DOJ officials also found nothing wrong with ex-POTUS Bill Clinton & Husband of the person under FBI investigation ‘ambushing’ USAG Lynch on a tarmac in Arizona(?) and forcing his way on to her plane to have a 40 minute ‘chat’ about Golf & Grandchildren (LOL, yeah, right). The 375 noted that ‘everybody loves to chat about grandchildren.

Additionally, the 375 said that it was perfectly acceptable for Jim Comey to over-step his authority and ‘declare’ Hillary as ‘innocent of all those reprehensible lies told about her by Republicans.

Last but not least, the 375 ex-officials knew that Hillary would’ve made a great — GREAT!! — president and had the election stolen from her by that racist Electoral College. Oh… and that Donald Trump should burn in HeII!!

    Cuthbert J. Twillie

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