Since the beginning of time within the fast moving world of LED (light emitting diode) lighting, the Philips Master LED range has set the pace, leading the way and leaving other brands way behind.

The Top 5 Philips LED Lamps of 2017 was first published on: Downlights Direct Blog

Downlights are great — they are a fresh and innovative way to make your house or commercial business lit up to whatever mood or theme you specify it to be. Not only can these downlights be used to light up specific areas of a home or business for practical purposes, they can be used to…

The following post Everything You Need to Know about Fire Rated Downlights and Their Benefits is republished from:

Customer: Sinclair Law Solicitors Room: Entire Office Lighting Products Used: 16x Philips MasterLED Tube 4FT 1200mm 14W T8 The Project: We decided to install LED tubes in our solicitor’s office as we were sick of our old fluorescent tubes breaking and having to constantly replace them. Whilst it’s fair to say fluorescent tubes are cheaper than LED…

The post LED Tubes In Our Office — No More Flickering Lights! is republished from:


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