Life in Thailand

We’re now living in Thailand. Lets say its about 2 hours south of Bangkok, a wonderfully friendly town called Hua Hin.

Its not really the same as the old digs back in Calgary.

But, its not like living on Mars.

Different climate, food, people and adventures.


Wow… there’s a significant and growing number of wonderful surprises to be discovered, here’s a small sample…

  • The cost and quality of living is unbelievable, you can truly live a very comfortable life for far less than $40,000 year
  • Healthcare — dropped into the local expat hospital (for a simple Twinrix booster shot) and it was worldclass care — btw, when was the last time your hospital offered a special discount promotion for a complete annual medical checkup ($50 vs. $75)?
  • If you can’t find what you’re looking for, you probably don’t need it — the place is fully stocked with the most fabulous food, treats and the things that make life wonderful
  • This is the land of smiles, you’ll discover that having one will take you a long way (and make you feel better too)
  • Finding that perfect balance between new and old, slow and slower, inch by day getting leaner and feeling warmer
  • Getting along without a car, a nice little motorcycle maybe in future but for now, a bike gets you almost everywhere you need to be
  • Listening to new music, reading a book, watching a movie, cooking up a BBQ, outdoor showers and swimming pools — feeling better
  • Realizing that a nice piece of shade is almost as refreshing as a cold sip of water
  • Getting accustom to barefeet and sandals (24/7)


Surprise… constantly seem to be stepping into all kinds of kaka and making a real mess of things, here’s a small sample…

  • Assuming most locals (store keepers, taxi drivers, etc) speak english, they generally do not
  • Assuming we can speak the local dialect, we cannot, as yet (notwithstanding our heartfelt “hello” and “thank-you” that somehow always seems to make the locals smile or laugh)
  • Thinking you always have to be doing something — its ok to take 5 minutes, relax and enjoy a coffee, song or the world passing by…
  • Expecting drivers to follow posted traffic signs or laws, they’re mostly optional
  • There’s pretty much two types of drivers for hire, the kind who takes it slow and easy, relax, no worries, we’ll all get there… expect to get the other kind’
  • Thinking you can get up (or stay up) late in the day, sunrise and sunset is at 6 am/pm everyday (if you forget, the roosters, dogs and song birds will be glad to remind you)
  • Paying more than $25/month for my cell phone, going to downsize to the all-you-can-eat $13/month plan
  • Doing laundry, you can get it all done (wonderfully) for pennies on the pound — not that you need that many clothes :)
  • Forgetting to leave a little food on my plate (except rice) — finishing everything typically indicates you’re still hungry (which is often the case) — and I have to stop licking my fingers
  • Thinking you can actually cook up a local dish, you can try but its never as good as the $1 blue plate special from almost any street vendor
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