Switching from Wix to WordPress? This is efficiently the best way you can!

Do you want full control of your site without any restrictions? And looking to move from Wix to WordPress? If yes, let’s make it easier for you.

Wix is a popular solution to create a website. It is considered as the best website builder software among small businesses. But when comes to big commercial websites, it has some sure-shot limitations. The biggest drawback is that it doesn’t support data export. You feel restricted in Wix environment. It is simply like leasing a house when you can’t own it. So, let’s chalk out the differences between both the platforms.

Wix Vs WordPress — Battle for Goodness

When it comes to Wix compared to WordPress, WordPress provides you more flexibility and customization power in terms of web designing. As WordPress has thousands of plugins and millions of installs on these, so its flexibility is incomparable. Secondly, WordPress is an open-source platform so it has a huge community and discussion forum worldwide. The problems you encounter while designing a website on WordPress, those might be discussed already with solutions in its community.

So, one has enough reasons to move. Though Wix is a good website builder with drag & drop interface, soon users realize that they are restricted to add more features. Wix to WordPress migration can be a good step to take full control of your website. Even, moving from Wix to WordPress is not a difficult task. Though there are many ways to transfer Wix site to WordPress, the best way is to transfer blogs via RSS feed. To give you a good experience to migrate Wix to WordPress, a step-by-step guide is prepared as follows

Wix to WordPress Migration

As you want more flexibility and features, moving from Wix to WordPress is obvious. There are many ways to transfer from Wix to WordPress but the manual method is reliable as with it you can create an exact copy of your Wix website.

Moving Wix to WordPress Manually

The time taken in moving a website from Wix to WordPress will depend upon the number of pages you have in Wix Site. If you go for a conventional manual method for moving a website from Wix to WordPress, you can just have the same content. All the formatting will strip means you have to style the pages and posts again in WordPress. That will approximately double your labor. So, instead of going this way, you can directly do a content transfer from Wix to WordPress in TemplateToaster. TemplateToaster is a WordPress Theme Builder that lets you design themes and templates with ease. It will lessen your burden as while creating a theme you can also format the content and posts to get desired results. The various steps involved in manual Wix to WordPress migration through TemplateToaster are as follows

  • Purchase WordPress Web Hosting and Sign-Up.
  • Set Up Your New WordPress Website.
  • Customize your Website.
  • Import blogs from Wix to WordPress.
  • Redirect Wix To WordPress.

1. Purchase WordPress Web Hosting and Sign-Up

When you use Wix, it provides you web hosting and that is the reason you feel restricted. For making a WordPress site you need to buy a web hosting. It will like buying a house for your site where all the files and data will (continue)