Liminal Coaching — Reflections and Developments

Liminal coaching enables focus to be given to solving specific and particular problems and developing particular and specific strengths depending on what the client decides as well as dealing with more general matters such as stress, clarity of thinking and calmness.

As the practice evolves the assortment of tools and developed applications continues to grow, added to by each successful engagement in keeping with the principles of ongoing discovery and continual improvement.

This rapidly increasing ability to tailor and focus the contemplative states produced through the guided meditations we use makes liminal coaching more specific and more individual than the solo practice of a meditation technique such as Mindfulness.

For example engagement with the 8 members of an innovation and business development team over the past 3 months has resulted in the development of techniques and guided meditations focused around the development of skills and capabilities directly relevant to that domain for the individuals involved.

Other examples are focus on flow states placed within the context of particular scenarios which may need attention or improvement and special focus on making good decisions in short time scales under pressure for start-up founders and execs.

Liminal coaching works directly on the unconscious and this enables a great deal of change to occur to patterns engraved there as habits or repeating automatic reactions to given triggers. It also enables new and different patterns to be seeded in a way that makes it much easier to embed desired new habits and reactions. We have successfully used the techniques to deal with serious long term phobias for example.

Because our approach is entirely non-prescriptive it relies on the client deciding what it is they want to work on. If they come with a good idea of where they would like to see improvements then that’s great. If they aren’t sure then that’s also great, deciding can be very much part of the process.

If they decide they want to talk about the stressful relationship they have at home instead of what they originally mentioned then that is what we would look at. Interestingly it is very common for clients to say they want to work on one thing and then after a few sessions suddenly declare that something they haven’t even spoken about has dramatically improved.

Once the primitive brain (or limbic brain) is calmed down and the vicious circles of negative behaviours and thinking have been lessened, it seems that an innate impulse towards evolution and higher thinking makes itself felt. The active assistance of Liminal Coaching makes the process of change for clients quicker and easier than it otherwise might be.

Clients are co-equal partners in this process which is one of progressive discovery. The range and depth of that discovery is dependant on the client’s wishes and focus.

MBA innovation and strategy post-graduate studies in Systems Thinking and Governance. Qualified Solutions Focused therapist

MBA innovation and strategy post-graduate studies in Systems Thinking and Governance. Qualified Solutions Focused therapist