This is the most ridiculous thing I've ever read here. Stop drinking the kool-aid.

Since my days have been fairly uneventful, instead of a daily log, I’ll only be posting highlights and observations from now on.


Today is Henri’s birthday. I gave him a few new toys but Desi grabbed them right away. He didn’t seem to mind.

Zazie reopened for takeout, with a few Cinco de Mayo specials including tacos and huevos rancheros.

I don’t care much for Cinco de Mayo because it seems to be an excuse to drink lots of tequila and get drunk. I can’t stand tequila or any agave based drinks. …

Monday, Apr. 27

As expected, the shelter in place order was extended through the end of May.

I finally got my unemployment payment, and I took another coding challenge today.

Tuesday, Apr. 28 — Wednesday, Apr. 29

The days have been pretty uneventful. I’ve been trying to go for a walk around the neighborhood to get some exercise every day.

I spoke to someone who told me their office will remain closed until September.

Thursday, Apr. 30

This morning I went to the grocery store and found that it wasn’t too crowded and it was well stocked with most items.

Monday, Apr. 20

I can’t believe we’re on week 6.

It’s very quiet here for 4/20. The streets are nearly deserted with fewer people than I’ve seen the last few days, but lots of helicopters buzzing around.

Tuesday, Apr. 21

The ending of The Plot Against America really hit me hard. The series was excellent, but it felt very close to our current reality.

I read one of the Prince retrospectives and I’m mourning him all over again and missing him, 3 years after he died.

I find that I get very emotional over lots of things, like hearing certain…

Monday. Apr. 13

I had to pick up a few things at the grocery store this morning, so I went out a little before 10 AM. It was pretty empty, but they didn’t have much on the shelves. It looks like Monday isn’t a good day to go.

I really miss going to the botanical garden. It’ll be one of the first places I go when it reopens. I also miss going downtown, visiting Chinatown, North Beach, and the waterfront. I even miss riding the subway.

I watched a few of the N Judah busses pass and they were pretty…

Monday, Apr. 6

I’ve lost track of days & weeks.

I have my cat facts app working. I’m now polishing it and getting ready to submit to the app store.

It rained most of the day, but I went out for a few errands. My cats had nothing to eat, so I went to the pet shop, which was open after being closed for inventory for several days. They now make you put on gloves before you enter the store.

Tuesday, Apr. 7

I went out to the grocery store in the morning. They were pretty well stocked. …

Monday, Mar. 30

The shelter in place order has been extended at least through the end of April. Muni Metro subway service has been suspended indefinitely, with busses substituting for light rail. It’s strange not seeing the N Judah train running on my street.

I’m supporting my neighborhood restaurants that remain open by ordering takeout a few times a week and leaving them a larger than usual tip.

I had to get out and get some exercise, so I took a walk up to Haight Street. The street was pretty empty and lots of stores are boarded up.

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Almost every…

Read part 1

Monday, Mar. 23

My cats are getting annoyed at having me home all the time.

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I had to do a load of laundry after Henri puked on a rug. The washing machine and dryer is in my building’s garage. We only have one machine for 8 units after the second one broke. We were supposed to have a new one delivered last week, but it’s been delayed indefinitely.

I got an email from a stupid recruiter who thinks I would be interested in moving to another city for a 6 month contract. …

Monday, Mar. 16

First day before the shelter in place order. I’m currently out of work and I had two phone interviews. One of them I decided I wasn’t interested in. I had my last meal in a restaurant, a bowl of chili for lunch at Reverie Cafe.

Tuesday, Mar. 17

First day of shelter in place order. I had a doctor’s appointment for a routine checkup, which I cancelled. I went grocery shopping early in the morning at Luke’s Local. They only had limited supply of a few items. We started a nightly sing-along in my neighborhood,

Wednesday, Mar…

Take a break

This morning I went to a nice neighborhood cafe for brunch and almost everyone around me was working on a laptop. 10 AM on a Sunday and they can’t tear themselves away from it, whether they’re working, checking email, or Facebooking.

When I walk anywhere I see most people with their heads down, staring at their phones. People riding the subway spend the entire time texting or playing games on their phones, completely unaware of their surroundings.

The world isn’t going to end if you don’t answer that text or email immediately.

I’m a mobile app developer and I spend my entire workday in front of a computer. I treasure my off time away from the computer and my 20 minute phone-free commute. I prefer to be present and see what’s around me rather than stare at my phone when I walk around the city.

Mike Cohen

iOS developer, theater geek, history nerd. Former Bionic Panda. I love San Francisco.

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