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And another thing — I don’t see “ego” or SELFISH people making the hashtag, I see people who are standing up against people who are telling them things and treating them in ways that are unfair. It’s unfair to say an engineer must “look” a certain way. They are not being vain, they are saying that they don’t have to listen to or believe stuff that people tell them about themselves that is unfair. They are saying that they look like engineers too, because there’s many ways they can look and it’s not fair to say they have to look a certain way. And that’s a good thing, that’s what we need. And I don’t care who it is — if someone is being treated unfair, then that needs to stop. If there’s boys being treated unfair then I think that needs to stop too. Thus why I think “sissy” needs to die.

I think that ANY practice in which some human agency requires someone to be a certain way because of their membership in a group in which they had no choice as to whether or not to be in, is WRONG. Period.

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