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Another thing to point out — do you believe it is a bad thing for men to be told and pushed to be “less emotional”? I think that part of the problem with men and suicides is that they may be loath to express emotion because we have this inane idea that men can’t/shouldn’t be emotional (Were that the case, men would be biologically incapable of feeling emotion. And that’s just plain not true.). In other words, are you going to rail against men being told they’re “sissies” when they cry and stuff like that? Once emotion stays bottled up, it can then drive the person to suicide. And we think seeking help is weakness. Do you think we should also change that? (I think “yes” to both of these. We should change both.)

BTW, I am not a “Feminist”. I consider myself a Feminist Sympathizer, but NOT a Feminist — I in general do not like the idea of subscribing myself to a particular type of partisan ideology and restrain myself by whatever thinking constraints it has. I will not, in general, identify with those sorts of ideological labels. Whenever I see some ideology, I _always_ find something to disagree with and _always_ find valid points in “competing” ideologies as much as whatever the ideology in question is.

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