Thank you for the interesting read.
Henje Richter

The problem is that people like Tobias provide us warning that something is coming. Thus we can do something to avoid it. If nothing else, we little mites can refuse to vote for Drumpf after we see this article.

I think he’s just taking a realistic position. Note that at the end, he does suggest what could be done. He’s suggesting actually that we should do something, but not to _expect_ miracles. That doesn’t mean they can’t be had. In particular, if he says “nothing can be done” what he really seems to be saying is the “us” do not _want_ to do anything as a mass. We want to react with anger, and he’s saying that it’s that, reaction with emotion, that will lead to the problem. So we should heed the warning, and not react ourselves with emotion. What he is saying is we are deciding to follow emotion.

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