Spirituality is something that someone tied deeply into a logical, linear, materialistic 3D reality…
Amber Lisa

By the way, you left out the context of ‘sacred land’. 
Funny how so many people who quote that line from Shakespeare are unable to give the slightest bit of evidence for what they assert.

Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence. 
Carl Sagan.

Asserting something is true doesn’t make it so:

I can tell you my invisible dragon gives me strength. The invisible dragon is largely invisible to those who do not wish to see it…and it is precisely the reason that there can be no fight against it. It is an invisible dragon that enables thousands of Native Americans to start organizing and implementing major changes out of nowhere. Because invisible dragons cannot be owned, conquered, possessed, sold, bought, or commodified in any reasonable way, some assess that it’s not real, but it’s the realist thing there is in many ways.

If you are someone who can access your own invisible dragon — which I want to add exists primarily outside of all the worlds major religious systems because the minute you start trying to own, control, manipulate, conquer, possess, your invisible dragon largely goes out of the window — and most religious systems attempt to do that — but, as I was saying if you have experienced your invisible dragon’s power, you can have no doubt how real it is.

Like I said, just so much jibber jabber. You might as well chant while twirling ‘healing crystals’ while handing out homeopathic “medicine” to dying cancer patients. What allows native Americans to continue is inner strength and shared vision. The same kind that allowed anyone to continue through adversity. Nor does it make them correct on any single issue. Each issue must be considered in it’s own light. Native Americans are people with no more special insight to spirituality than anyone else. They have religions, all sorts of religions, all sorts of beliefs, yet you seem to want to make them out as special and having special powers. The time to believe such is when there is sufficient evidence for such.

Ten million people will give you ten million different definitions of what spirituality means, each one sure they are right. In the same way religious people do the same with God or religion. You haven’t given anything except an assertion. I hear the same from Jehovah Witnesses, Mormons, Muslims, Catholics and Baptists and so many more all the time. They all think they have the TRUTH. 
Just like you.
It’s very convenient that both you and them all say you just have to believe.

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