That’s adorable that you think America is the same as the rest of the first world.
Wade Mason

Other countries have drug and alcohol problems too. Poverty and crime as well. The biggest difference between the US and the majority of other countries when it comes to firearm deaths and shootings is the easy availability of firearms, the lack of controls of who can get a firearm, the lack of training and the ability of many to walk around and carry firearms in their vehicle.

One of the biggest causes of firearm deaths is idiots arguing turning into a shooting. Doesn’t happen nearly as often in Canada, Switzerland, most other countries, because they aren’t allowed to walk around with loaded guns. Or keep a loaded unsecured firearm in every room of the house because they think the boogeyman is going to jump out of the closet and get them.

Oh, right, just another link you don’t agree with.

All you do you is present assertions without ever backing them up. When others back their assertions up you reject them out of hand. I’ll point out once more, no other country regularly has toddlers shooting people, except for the USA. There is a reason for this. Other countries arrest firearm owners who leave weapons out for children to get a hold of. In the USA only 1 out of 4 legal firearm owners gets charged when they are negligent with a firearm. In many states it’s not a crime to leave a firearm out for a child to get. In many others, it’s a crime without a penalty. It’s often considered just an unavoidable accident. Except it’s not unavoidable, and it’s not an accident. It’s negligence. It’s a lack of law enforcement and lack of laws that creates a moral hazard.

It’s people having firearms close at hand all the time so when they lose their cool they shoot someone in an argument.

It’s loopholes in background checks. It’s the NRA lobbying so felons can get guns. It’s the NRA lobbying Republicans so law enforcement can’t do their jobs. The ATF hasn’t had a director in 6 years. Individuals buy cases of firearms every month, but the ATF and police can’t do a thing because Republicans passed a law ensuring paperwork is shredded by the gun store. Republicans in Florida passed a law preventing doctors from talking to patients about firearm safety. But according to you it’s really all about crime and drugs, not about guns. It’s not a problem that any idiot can get a firearm in the USA. That parents let children as young as 5 have a rifle and are allowed to use it unsupervised. That a 9 year old was allowed to play with an Uzi sub machinegun that she couldn’t handle and shot the range employee in the face. Many Americans treat firearms like toys. It’s not the least bit surprising you’re killing each other with them.

All this and more add up to more and more shooting deaths, until the USA has one of the highest homicide rates in the Western industrialized world. But it’s not the guns, and lack of gun laws according to you, it’s crime and drugs and poverty. Everything except the easy access and availability of guns.
The rest of the world has crime, poverty, drugs. What the USA has are a large number of people who are blind to the FACT that almost any and every idiot can get a firearm without any training or background check and there is a price to be paid for that.

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