Nowhere in the Constitution are the words Democrat or Republican.
Henry Pelifian

You don’t want people making money on speaking tours? Or just politicians? I’m sure that will fix everything. What’s wrong with an ex-US president getting paid for his time? I especially enjoy your smear at Clinton, that because someone thinks she is worth paying for her time (Secretary of State, ex First Lady, long time Congressperson, successful lawyer, currently one of the most powerful politicians in the world on track to being the next US president) that it MUST be a bribe.

Then next you want choices. Because being a politician in the USA is such a lovely job. Almost half the country are right wing lunatics, a large number of whom think Obama is a secret Muslim born in Kenya, some 13 percent think he tried to take over Texas, a large number believe he’s setup secret concentration camps with FEMA. No matter what the president does he’ll be hated and lied about by about half the country. They will lie about his accomplishments, about his children, about things he didn’t do and things he did do. No matter what level of government you get elected for much of the populace will blame you no matter what you do or try to do. They will blame you if you fail, and blame you if you succeed. Before you ever get into office they will scour your life for the most minor things and broadcast them to the world. You will have to give up any privacy as will your children and your spouse, who will become targets for every crackpot and idiot, both the ones with a microphone and those with a gun.

Then on election day 65 percent of the population won’t show up. They will whine and complain about both parties, demanding more choice while being completely oblivious to the Green party, and the Libertarian party. And while they complain about the Democrats and Republicans, will they every consider getting off their ass and becoming part of the solution, by mobilizing friends, family and neighbours to show up, join a party and change it from within? No. It took about 8 years to turn the idea of the Tea Party into a national force to be reckoned with. It’s a shame it’s driven by ignorant hicks, dominionists and lunatics. So are you going to

No, they are not going to join a party or start one and make a real difference. Because that would take effort, and the vast majority want someone else to do the work for them. Hell, most can’t even be bothered to show up and vote. Then there are those who think both parties are the same. The thinking that develops that kind of absurdity is sad, one must believe they lived under a rock for the last 30 years. As for the few that actually show up to vote, that was their big herculean effort towards making the USA a better place for the next generation.

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