I reject this assertion.
Wade Mason

Your ‘feelings’ don’t count for squat.

That’s all you have, no facts, just feelings. You dismiss everything because you don’t like it. Try finding some facts to go with your feelings.

It’s rather telling how gun nuts always compare gun deaths to accidental deaths, drownings etc. Rational people are trying to reduce such deaths, but not gun nuts, no, that’s just acceptable losses, so they can keep a gun in every room without having to secure it.

Yes, gun nuts. Because only a nut looks at numbers and refuses to accept them, blames shootings on everything and anything except guns and the ‘every idiot gets to have a gun anything goes’ gun culture of the USA. Show me another country where toddlers are regularly shooting people.

As for seat belts and airbags, you might want to investigate what a metaphor is, because that one went way over your head.

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