Oh, and for clarity, the 5,722 number is the number of reported incidents.
Wade Mason

You’ve made a lot of good points. I’d just like to add a few things, you probably already know, but just in case you don’t… These self reported incidents are often people who get themselves into arguments, then brandish their firearm because the person didn’t wander off meekly when first accosted. It’s a completely different situation compared to a spree shooter.

Brandishing firearms:


A New York city study showed that police officers only hit the target 50 percent of the time in officer involved shootings when the target was 1 to 6 feet away. This is an officer likely to have been in many altercations, received firearm training, regularly practises shooting and is required to be certified for marksmanship. Compare this officer to a night club patron who can carry. Once a person has his firearm and carry card in most if not all states there is no requirement that they keep up training on a regular basis, some when they next renew their card, some not at all. We have no idea what their competence is, or their ability to deal with stress, or make decisions in stressful situations.

All that will be known is that at some point they bought a gun and went to a nightclub. We know the results of this type of shoot outs, many cities have incidents like it all the time, innocent bystanders getting shot during gang shootouts.

Some 5000 ‘prevention’ incidents isn’t that many. There are close to half that many children involved shootings aged 13 and under in the same amount of time. That is, children who find unsupervised firearms and pull the trigger. Each year some 300 children die. For each one that dies, another 4 are wounded or wound someone else. Add in another 10,000 deadly shootings every year. Then another 4 times that many shootings that end in injuries (including life time crippling and maiming injuries) and add in another 20,000 suicides by gun yearly. We see for every 5000 so called “good guy with a gun” there are 25,000 homicides, 50,000 suicides, 2500 child involved shootings. It doesn’t seem like a good trade off. Imagine if seat belts or airbags killed twenty-five people for every one saved? They would be removed from every car in America. But that is the case with firearms.

The US is the only country in the world where toddlers regularly shoot people. There is a reckless firearms culture in the US. One absent from Canada, the UK, Finland, Switzerland and most other countries, because in most other countries there are mandated safety courses required to be taken and passed before a firearm is purchased. These courses are designed to create a culture of safety. It’s what the NRA say they want, but actually lobby against. As well these countries have numerous firearm safety laws, background checks, the requirement for firearms to be secured safely when not under care and control and others.

When there are children involved shootings in the USA (a child getting a gun and shooting someone or themself), only 1 out of 4 legal firearm owners are charged with a crime. In many states it’s not illegal to leave a firearm unsupervised around children. In some it’s illegal but there is no punishment. Nothing else better shows the poverty of common sense in America’s gun culture and laws, than two year old children regularly shooting people.


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