Acid Dream — “Physical Removal”

Here is a band out of my home state of Michigan from a town called Manistique. Acid Dream is pure stoner riff worship buried under layers of fuzzy guitars and heavy bass. If you are a fan of Electric Wizard’s early albums then this album is for you. The vocals are not exactly forefront but done so in a haunting way that completes the atmosphere of the whole album. It’s hard not to feel like the world is ending listening to this.

A fun disclaimer from their bandcamp page

Physical Removal will keep your attention as well as keep your head moving with its catchy riffs and added bonus if you indulge in the Devil’s lettuce. This is an album that is definitely worth picking up and playing at loud volumes.

Acid Dream:

Zach Pelletier (Guitar, vocals)

Kaden Pelletier (Bass)

Mike Spanish (Drums)

All music and lyrics written by Zach Pelletier. Recorded at Dead Hipster Studios in Manistique, MI.

Download your copy here: