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The Internet is one of the most blessing inventions in this modern world. It made the complicated life much more relaxed, and We cannot even think of a smarter life without the Internet. As the internet is regarded as a blessing discovery, Internet has been using in vast sectors of life. From family needs to the Corporate area, the Internet made everything more comfortable than ever. It connects the whole world just within some clicks.
 Within the casual use of the internet, Cybercriminals are also taking the chance to scam over the internet. Cybercriminals are taking the opportunity of vulnerable security, and A large number of internet community are spending their money to cyber criminals because of their vulnerable Internet security.
 Today we are going to talk about the Securypto which comes with the determination to provide a secure place on the internet to protect internet users and their internet assets from cyber criminals as well as ensuring strong internet security to cope with any cyber attacks.
What is Securypto?

Securypto is Blockchain based platform which ensures anonymity of internet user as well as secure data transfer. Securypto will make your internet usage safe and protect your data away from cybercriminals. The Zerocoin and masternode based Blockchain technology in securypto platform will enable internet users to encrypt their data over the internet as well as keep them anonymous. Also, Securypto offers a paid content distribution with rewarding opportunity.
 What does securypto offer?

Securypto believes that everyone has their privacy rights on the internet that’s why it made a fantastic platform where internet users will be able to enjoy secure internet facility as well as a high-level privacy system with encrypted data and file transfer. Let us know a bit details what securypto offers in their platform:

1.Anonymity on the Internet: When everyone is trying to take the benefits of the internet through the right sides, At the same time a large number of criminals are working to track the internet users to hack to harm their security.Also, For many reasons, Internet users are being traced. Here, Securypto feels the necessity of anonymity. By using the securypto internet, users will be able to be anonymous while using the internet.

2. Secure Social Media Browsing: Social media is keeping a significant role in today’s world. Social media connects the whole world and people from the place can communicate easily with other from the opposite side of the world through social media. But how much security is a user having in social media?
 Many users are being scammed by some criminals who are always looking after you to find our your vulnerable site to attack you. Here Securypto enables their users to protect from such situation with their Strong security system in the platform.
 3. 2FA verification system: Two factors authentication is one kind of strong security system where users are verified twice before entering any website. Sad to say that, Still now, a large number of internet users are still unable to enjoy this strong security system. Securypto uses 2FA verifications system which allows their users to log in securely to their desired website.

4. Encrypted Data Transfer: Data encryption is the latest secure technology by which the sender can encrypt his data asset like messaging or any files to other users. When users use data encryption, Nobody can decrypt the encrypted data except the real sender. Securypto enables their users to use this encryption data transfer facility. Using securypto internet users can securely transfer encrypted message and files to other users keeping their data asset secure.

5.Rewards through content:securypto offers a paid content distribution system where the user is paid for their contents

6. Security: The main aim of Securypto is to provide reliable protection for internet users. Securypto builds a much safer place on the internet which enables users to stay secure on the internet with all the associated facility in Securypto.

What Makes Securypto so Special?

After hearing the advantages of securypto, you must be thinking about what is used to make the Securypto platform?
 Right? If it is precisely thinking about the building components, Now I’m going to tell you the ingredients of Securypto which makes it Specialized for internet security. Here are the elements:
 1. A dedicated Hardware
 2. Advanced Software
 3.Blockchain Technology

1. Dedicated Hardware

To provide reliable protection and higher privacy level, Securypto has designated a dedicated open source hardware for the tasks. The dedicated hardware device combines to a visual verifiable communication technique that makes remote exploiting of vulnerabilities impossible.
 The dedicated hardware is called DSG (DigiSafeGuard) in Securypto which acts a hardware wallet for storing and spending your digital assets. Use of DSG offers anonymous messaging through an unsecured channel.

2. Software

Combination always works better than any single things. Securypto cares about the security and privacy of its users. That’s why it has designated a user-friendly software which can use in most popular operating systems like Android, iOS, Linux, Windows. Combination of hardware and software will work mutually to each -others functions, and it will provide the highest security level in Securypto.

3. Blockchain Technology

For some last few years, Blockchain technology has been spreading too faster in almost every sector because Blockchain has solved all the transparency issues and it is now one most trusted technology this twenty-first century. Securypto Blockchain is based on the PIVX that uses zPoS (Zerocoin protocol) which ensures user’s privacy using masternodes and staking principles.

Why do you need Securypto?

For some last few years, it is heard that user data are sold with billions of money. With the advantages of IOT and AI, some criminals are tracking internet users activity, collecting data and selling them to others and finally privacy and private data of the user is lost. Securypto allows users to be anonymous on the internet to protect themselves from the data thieves.
 Malware is now everywhere which is a smart hacking tool used by hackers. Malware is available in most places on the internet that are also looking out the vulnerability of internet user, and when the chance comes, users are losing their privacy. Securypto has zerocoin masternode in its platform and uses a 2FA verification system that concerns users where they are in and having two steps security system.

On the other hand, Encryption is data transfer is now a fundamental need to every internet user which could encrypt their data and keep them secure from unwanted criminals. Securypto enables users to share encrypted data and files which helps users to be safe over the internet.
 In this fourth industrial revolution, the Internet is keeping the most dominant contribution, as everything now on internet and internet has become mandatory to part on the revolution, So, Security on the internet is badly needed. Everyone should think about their data privacy and how much security they are in the place of the internet. Securypto always thinks about public privacy and want to make the internet a much safer place where people don’t need to think about their security and privacy while using the internet. Thinking all about the privacy concerns, Securypto comes to help the internet world.

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Securypto is determined to protect internet users from unwanted situations like data hacking or losing privacy. It aims to build a much safer place on the internet, and the components of securypto are also designated in such a way to give the highest priority to user privacy. Thanks to Securypto to taking such an incredible project with a unique idea to protect the internet community as well as offering anonymity and reliable security.

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