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The Few

Mike Bell
Mike Bell
Mar 25 · 2 min read
Image by Maria_Domnina from Pixabay

Shall we embrace military ways
of fighting & furloughs — of a war
vying unknowns? Rhetoric wins
when we have battles to be won

[& rulers plump before their gilt
mirrors & spun doctors — Should
I sport khakis today? Honey! Do I
look grand in green?] As leaders

preen & try to mask their smiles
from us as our medics sudate &
have their dripped brows wiped
by twice-gloved hands [ we’ll not

see a shortage of any politicos!]
They put padlocks on our doors
to save us from ourselves [ such
Maoist thoughts surely reserved

for communists — not dear Boris
who bends to scientific advisors
for seismic shifts of old canons]
His Tory party is stuck at prayer

as funeral homes see profits up
What’d Mrs Thatcher have done?
He wonders — Shown some balls?
This phoney war will bloom unto

bodies in bags [of which we don’t
have enough] Honey! Do I look OK
in grey — a single zipper — done up?
It’s a trendy thing in NY & Lon-don

When emptied high streets return
to trades — to lattes — to crowds of
grazers — when our herd re-settles
what will we have learnt from our

months of one tiny pandemic? Will
we regress to pack mentalities — a
need to fly & travel at any cost — to
tarry & forget? In war there is less

[but more is embraced once those
words of speechmakers & priests
have been fired off & we look at all
their echoed shells] & few are sure

Originally published at on March 25, 2020.

Mike Bell

Written by

Mike Bell

Since Nov ’15 I’ve been writing at least one poem a day. Some have been published & made money. By poem #10,000, I will be 85 yrs old & have beaten dementia.

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