5 Things You Can Do To Help Your Church This Easter

1. Write A Facebook Review

Much like products on Amazon, people check online reviews before ever stepping foot into a church for the first time. Your opinion expressed is more valuable than what the church could ever say about itself. It only takes a few minutes to write up a thoughtful and helpful review. You don’t have to highlight every area of your church, but if you highlight one, it might help someone make the decision to visit. Another added bonus of a Facebook review is that once you write it, it stays accessible forever! So it goes beyond just Easter weekend, and carries over to many more potential guests. If you go to FOCUS, leave a review for our Facebook page here.

2. Update Your Profile Photo

The profile photo on any social media account is the most visible update anyone will ever see. By changing your photo, or putting a frame around your photo that reflects Easter, it automatically extends the reach of your church by giving your circle of influence exposure to the church you attend. We have created a very simple frame for Facebook users to keep their current profile image while promoting Easter At Focus at the same time. To get your frame, just click here.

3. Pay for the person behind you in line.

Make a small investment that someone will tell others about. Paying for someones coffee, fuel or food is one simple way to turn a random act of kindness into an opportunity for invitation. That $5 or $10 might be the very thing needed to start a conversation with a total stranger.

4. Pray for your pastor.

There’s no pressure on a pastor like passion week. I am not just saying this because I am a pastor. Easter is a season of significant spiritual warfare, and many attacks come in the weeks leading up to this big Sunday. Say a prayer for your pastor, and maybe send a little encouragement in the form of an email, text, or social media. Remember that this week is full of planning and promotion, and next week is full of follow-up. Pray that the burden will become a blessing for him or her.

5. Sit close to the front.

There are very few non-verbal displays of your expectation level like your proximity to the platform. Believe it or not, in every other arena and gathering location, the front is the most desired area of the venue. I am on a personal mission to not only match the world’s expectancy level when it comes to a gathering, but exceed it by not only sitting as close as I can to the front, but also making the decision to invite someone to sit with me. There are many other reasons you should sit in the front, but another practical one is to allow easier access for guests who arrive after you. Nothing makes a preacher feel more confident while delivering the message than a hungry church who leans in on what is being taught.

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