My musical life and computer programming life cross paths frequently. I probably was interested in computers first, but I got seriously into programming later in life when I started doing it for my music. I oscillate back and forth between the two — either focused just on one or the other but often combining the two equally. Recently I’ve been focused on programming, but I found a bridge back to music by way of learning about a new (to me) programming language.

I didn’t know anything about APL when I started looking into it, other than that I’ve seen it referenced in books and articles as one of those “interesting languages to look into.” It’s recommended as a language you might want to study for its unique perspective, as opposed to its practical application in today’s world. APL is the acronym for the self-descriptive and literal name of the language — A Programming Language. It was developed in the 1960s by Kenneth Iverson as a mathematical notation designed specifically for working with arrays and matrices — with the intent to create a programming language using the same notation. …

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