This Is How I Work.

I like the fact you check your email just a few times a day. I check mine twice – in the morning as I drive to work and on my drive home from work.

Seriously? How do I check email while driving? That doesn’t sound safe does it?

I’ve developed an app to read my email out to me so I can listen to what’s in my inbox while I drive.

I do replies and action emails in my inbox in the morning when I arrive at my desk.

So easy to do inbox zero with an extra 40 minutes a day of distraction free triage and review time.

PS. You can buy my app on the App Store (for a very reasonable price). Find out more about Speaking Email at and add a bit of extra productivity to your day :)

PPS. If you are thinking this would read out a lot of rubbish, it doesn’t, I’ve made it detect and skip disclaimers, signatures, promotional emails and reply threads you were already CCed on. And has tons of options for connecting and managing accounts.

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