Rewarding Fake Progress

Rewarding fake progress. Sometimes we go through the motions. They ask us what we learned in school, even though we may have learned nothing, and we give fake answers: I learned x, y, z. Then they are satisfied with you, and leave you alone.

The truth is not rewarded: “I’ve done this before and did not learn much” is not rewarded even though it is far more accurate.

Parroting isn’t learning.

Going through the motions is meaningless.

Or we are paid money to spam the internet and call it ‘marketing’. Or a doctor gives an unnecessary surgery that they are rewarded for. Writing a fake news article. Or a stock price is manipulated. You are compensated for all of the above, but what value was created?

The system teaches us how to fake it when we aren’t feeling it.

To merely signal progress and intelligence.

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