Resistance is an Act of Love
Katie Painter

I think I am going to be sick. This entire article is a saccharin example of left neurosis and quite frankly is filled with gross assumptions, inaccurate vague virtue signaling, and a naive understanding of history and the struggles of people to make our world a better place. The big mistake you make, and those that follow this line, is to misidentify the enemy.

Love is fabulous, it is what underpins the intentions of any rational and thinking human being. Do you think that George Soros acts out of ‘love’ when he funds social unrest, hordes of agitators instructed to unleash chaos and violence in order to topple a democratically elected government? Do you think the EU masters are acting out of love & compassion when they arrange for the mass incursion of jihadist rebel young men to rape and assault the people of Sweden, Germany, France and other European countries?

This is what is occurring-the millions of Syrian & other middle-eastern folks who have been mobilized through the covert funding and training of Islamic groups-the Wahabi tribes, and the consequent conflicts — stop for a moment and trace the genuine history of all of this mess: Iraq, invaded on the false assertion of their involvement in 9/11, and accused of holding ‘weapons of mass destruction’ (public domain stuff, it was a blatant lie) -and then we have the charming projects of your heroine, Hillary Clinton, ‘We came, we saw, he died’, this was the signal, post Benghazi, once Gadaffi was murdered the Islamic jihadist groups took advantage of the power vacuum and you have your massive chaos and the mobilization of masses of Islamic jihadist young men (the vast majority of ‘refugees’ are 16–40 year old males) and you have the means to destroy the national identity of European nations.

The issues go well beyond your ‘gay rights’ and ‘sexism’ the very fabric of western civilization is in peril — ask your Islamic ‘refugees’ what they think about Lesbians and homosexuals, they throw them from tall buildings, stone and behead them. Women who fail to wear their head dress in public are executed or at the very least brutally thrashed with a cane in public.

The ‘division’ you refer to, how much more division do you wish to experience than what is taking place in Europe right this minute? It would take me too long to address all of the outright errors in your article, the very fabric of it is based on a distortion of thinking-the assumption you have occupying the high moral ground, the utter chutzpah of your condescending lecturing about ‘love’ and resistance is actually amazingly arrogant. I very much doubt you would be open to debate, or capable to seeing where you have gone so very wrong-this article reveals to me the extent of this philosophical and political myopia. I am depressed by this article, it demonstrates that the establishment propaganda is indeed effective — the counterculture has its work cut out.

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