How Has Streaming Affected our Identities as Music Collectors?
Cherie Hu

I think this development in streaming, and the consequent ‘free’ access which millions of people avail themselves of has totally devalued music, we now tend to treat music as yet another commodity — enormous works of creative genius, years of work simply available at the stroke of a key. The appreciation and understanding of music has diminished. Now we have the phenomenon of people producing hours of rubbish because everyone thinks they have the right to be a creative musician-the barrier of entry is low; but of course talent cannot be gained via digital convenience, this is why the music of the past is gaining renewed exposure-how the hell did they do it?

Yes, the digital streaming of music has changed the entire industry-but at some point I think we will begin to need real music, and the appreciation of genuine musicians will return. I think this streaming access we have to music has definitely changed the game!