A Call for Cooperation Against Fake News
Jeff Jarvis

This whole topic of ‘fake news’ is too easily made into a mainstream push to try and invalidate alternative platforms. Sure there are some ridiculous players who produce nothing but sensational and blatantly untrue headlines for their clickbait advertising-BUT the validly alternative media players are far too easily included in this group-what we don’t want is the mainstream corporate news industry merely shoring up its market.

Too much is at stake to allow ‘experts’ to tell us what is real and what is fake. I don’t think we need media paternalism. The mainstream media players have been outed with this most recent example-Trump won because people looked beyond the mainstream narrative, and so the mainstream players are angry and scared because their golden goose is cooked!

The genie is out of the bottle and you won’t put it back by telling everyone it is all a conspiracy!