Have You Ever Asked This Harmless Sounding Question..?

Years ago, at school, I was sat in a little classroom with 30 other kids.

And I experienced something you might have too…

*Raises hand*

“Yes, what is it Michael?”

“Please can I go to the toilet?”

“There are only 10 minutes left, you can wait.”

*Thinks about this for a second*

“F**k you miss, I need a p**s!”

*Runs to toilet*

Okay, it didn't quite go like this.

But that’s not important.

The important bit is the question: “Please can I go to the toilet?”.

This question should be banned.

Right now.

You see.

When we have an internal instinct to go to the toilet.

And instead of following that instinct.

We have to ask someone else’s permission.

It can screw us up.

It’s not just toilets either.

It’s any time we’re told we have to ask before doing something.

It teaches our subconscious that we need permission before we act.

And over time, this becomes our ‘normal’.

The problem with this?

We seek permission first.

We rely on other people to tell us it’s ok to do things.

We stop trusting ourselves.

Instead of listening to our inner wisdom and guidance, we second guess it.

Self-doubt creeps in.

So when we grow up.

And there’s no one to ask permission from.

We don’t know what to do.

So we wait.

We see someone we want to ask out on a date.

But we shy away.

We think about the book we want to write.

But we don’t put pen to paper.

A great idea comes to us.

But we ignore it, or only talk about it.

Instead of going out and just doing it.

But as Grace Hopper said, “It’s easier to ask forgiveness than it is to get permission.”

So, please, stop waiting for permission to trust your instinct.

Please stop waiting for permission to follow your heart.

Please stop waiting for permission to live your dreams.



Just go out there and DO IT!

Oh, and if your brain is telling you that you still need permission, then here you go…

You have permission to follow your heart and do whatever it is you've been dreaming of.

For times when you forget you don’t need anyone’s permission but your own.

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