Two Simple Questions To Change Your Life

It was Thursday.

July 2015.

Around 10am.

I met the most wonderful, amazing woman for coffee in Leeds.

We went for brunch, then for a walk in the park.

We talked.

A lot.

It was like catching up with a friend I hadn’t seen for lifetimes.

Five hours later, she dropped me off at the business I owned.

The next day, she left to work 200 miles away in Reading, for three weeks.

Over the weekend, we messaged each other constantly.

We chatted until the early hours on Skype.

The following Tuesday morning, it finally clicked.

I was in love.

I text her, “I love you.”

She text back, “Hahaha. You maniac.”

I jumped on the next train to Reading to surprise her.

My friends thought I was crazy.

It was totally out of character.

It was a little stalkerish too.

But I didn’t care.

I turned up when she finished work at 11pm.

She still thought I was a maniac.

But we spent the night outside together.

On a bridge under the moonlight.

Watching the stillness of a black lake.

Holding each other closely.

A beautiful, perfect moment.

Frozen in time.

I told her, “I love you.”

She said, “No you don’t.”

At 4am, we parted ways.

But why am I telling you this?

Maybe it’s because that’s not the end of the story.

Maybe it’s because the story is still happening.

Maybe it’s because I followed my heart.

And it led me to find my soulmate.

Maybe there’s another reason.

Maybe it’s to do with life choices.

Maybe it’s to do with those excuses we make.

For not doing what we want to do.

For not living life on our terms.

For not creating the lives we want to live.

Three weeks ago, I stopped making excuses.

I co-owned a CrossFit gym where I didn’t want to work.

I was scared to quit.

I was scared to let people down.

I was scared what people would think of me.

I’d been there before, just a few months earlier.

But I soldiered on.

This time was different.

I asked myself two simple questions.*

I went straight to my heart for guidance.

I trusted the first answers that came to me.

No matter how ridiculous they seemed at first.


That was what my heart said.


Make art.

At the time, it seemed ridiculous.

Only children draw.

That’s a stupid thing to do.

That’s what my mind was saying.


In the background.

But my heart was still singing.


It felt like getting on that train to Reading all over again.

I knew it was the right choice.

So I did it.

I quit.

* Here are the questions I asked myself. I suggest you try the same.

Life’s too short to be doing things you don’t really want to be doing.

Be honest. Listen to your heart. Ask away…

1. If I could start with a clean slate overnight and tomorrow my life could look any way I wanted it to, what would I be doing?

2. If I had £5,000/month being paid into my bank account, how would I be spending my time?

[Feel free to replace £5,000 with whatever number means zero financial worries to you.]

P.S. If your answers to the two questions aren’t what you’re doing today, do something about it. Before it’s too late.

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