Tesla’s New Car Smell
Jean-Louis Gassée

I’m a Tesla fanboy. The way Musk has disrupted the auto industry has been a long time coming. That being said, your concerns are valid and I wish people would start looking at the data and history.

Musk is an engineer at heart. It shows with his overly estimated goals and timelines. That’s not a bad thing but it is a reality. As you mentioned, deadlines are usually overshot by years and littered with issues.

His fan base allows him to release cars like people do with software. Release an MVP, publicly alpha & beta test (and frantically fixing all the bugs), and eventually iron out most of the issues and have a final product.

The sooner people came to the understanding and realization that that is how he runs his car company, the less surprised they’ll be.

It’s almost impossible for a new car company to come from nothing to something. Maybe his approach is what was needed to get his foot in the door and disrupt the industry.

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