What Successful Nurses Do On the Side?

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Pursuing a medical career requires both a strong calling and a proper educational background. Medical assistants’ salaries may vary depending on factors such as their education level and their working place.

However, many nurses feel they are not earning enough money. Therefore, they have to search for ways to make extra cash, besides their regular paychecks. No matter what the reason is, an additional amount of money is always welcomed. Here are a few practical ideas that a nurse could implement successfully.

Side Activities and Business Ideas for Nurses

Extra shifts. This is not a very pleasant thing to do. Not many people prefer to end a working shift and then work some more. However, if you are in need of extra money, then you should probably prepare yourself to make some sacrifices.

Temporary or season jobs. A nurse could earn some extra cash by working at an immunization clinic. Right before the flu period, these type of clinics need all the workforce they can get. If you are a nurse searching this kind of side jobs, you can either search online for more details, or you can go to your local health agency.

In-house care. As a nurse, you can easily make some extra cash by doing house visits and treating your patients in the privacy of their homes. Though, do some research before you start offering in-house care. Discover the market rates for this job and try to ask for a fair price.

Teach others. Besides your regular daily job, you can also hold health classes where you can teach others some preventive medicine techniques. Furthermore, you can even make yourself part of a first-aid class or conference. You already have all the required knowledge. The only thing left to do is to find the proper events and classes where you can become a successful medical teacher. You can even transform these activities into a small business, without needing too much money to start it.

Medical transcription. To make this your secondary professional activity, you will need to follow a course and receive a certificate. The main advantage of this occupation is that you can organize your own time however you want it, you can work from your home, or you can do this from any other place as long as you have access to a computer and Internet connection.

Become a writer nurse. As I have mentioned before, you already have all the required knowledge. So, why not take advantage of all those years or months of study and make yourself some extra money? The easiest and cheapest way to do this is by starting your blog. After gaining a significant number of followers, you can start to monetize your blog. For example, you can write e-books and sell them online at an affordable price.

Medical coding. This specific situation is similar to the medical transcription one, described above. This is because, to do this activity, you have to become certified first. You have to become a professional at discovering diagnoses and other medical procedures and find the best-suited medical billing codes for them. After your input, billings will be further analyzed by insurance companies. You can do this from some places such as hospitals, private clinics, medical offices, and even from your home.

Become a consultant. Becoming a consultant is easier nowadays because there is a great potential market for this type of business. This is one of the most sought-out careers in the healthcare industry, since it allows plenty of room for growing and developing as a medical professional. No matter the field in which you activate, being a consultant is a very popular and attractive business opportunity in today’s society. You can even become a medical talent hunter. This means you get to consult small-sized medical practices on what are the best methods in which they can hire the best nurses on the workforce market.

Sell medical products. Having the necessary medical knowledge makes you fit to become a sales representative, even for major companies such as Johnson & Johnson. If you have a flair for persuading people into buying things, and you are good at networking, then you will make decent money by selling medical products.

Online surveys. This is a job for the people who don’t want to invest a lot of time, energy and money into their own side business. The first step towards completing online surveys is to sign up on many dedicated websites. After that, you will start receiving e-mails in which they will ask you to participate in certain surveys or focus groups. Creating accounts on these websites doesn’t cost a thing, and some people say they make a nice amount of extra cash.

To sum up, being a nurse gives you plenty of motivation and inner satisfactions. However, earning some extra money will always come in handy.

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