3 Eternal Freelancer Struggles

I’m a nomad. Hopping from cafe-to-cafe as I work. I don’t want an office, I like the variety of working from different venues. It’s not always easy though, there are struggles. Here, I highlight three of the biggest.

1 — The Power Struggle

You find a cafe that looks great from the outside and enter. Circling the space, you feverishly scan for a power outlet. There’s one! SHIT. Someone on the opposite of your circle grabbed it. Dick. Maybe you can share it at 10 minute intervals? Probably not. This is a serious game.

You need to leave. Now. But the coffee smells wonderful. That carrot cake is making your eyes melt (in a good way).

Resist. Leave. Forge forward and find power.

2 — The Need for Connectivity

Nailed it. Table with power outlet below. Jackpot. Flat-white please. Carrot cake too. Your next five hours are going to be so productive. Wi-fi looking for networks. There it is! Cafe Awesome. Connect. Failed. It’s ok, it happens. Connect. Failed. Shitballs. Wait, wait! You’re on.

Browser launched. Load them tabs you pixelated princess you! Crunch. Creak. Wobble. Oh no. It’s slow. Laggy. This is a disaster. Flatwhite. Consumed. Cake. Of course. You should’ve checked this before you ordered. Twit.

You need to pay and leave. You can’t work with this dial-up speed nonsense.

3 — Freeloader Guilt

Now you’re in business! Power, rapid wifi, lovely tunes and even better carrot cake. Report? Written. Blog post? Terrible. You better go back to that one. Content plan? Diamond. How long have you been here? Three hours! Shit. Didn’t even notice the full change of staff did you?

You feel bad. It’s not right to consume all of that power and bandwidth and have only paid £12 for a coffee and cake. Better kick that Barista in to action! You drain three more coffees to wash away the freeloader guilt.

What’s that feeling in your chest? Your heart is hammering your ribcage. Too much caffeine. At least you’re guilt free…

Enjoy that? Please hit the heart!

Images under license from Shutterstock.