Is binge-watching a stranger’s life weird?

Being a voyeur and a lesson in delivering content marketing value at all times

It’s Friday night. I’ve put my boy to bed, my wife is out with friends and there’s football (soccer) on the TV. I should really crack open a beer, kick back and watch the game.

That’s not what I’m doing

I just finished watching over 40 mins of someone else’s life on YouTube. Back-to-back videos of a guy attending meetings, chatting with colleagues and moving around various cities. It doesn’t sound that compelling does it?

It really is though

These videos are a fairly polished, all-action affair. Nothing over the top though, likely just a decent DSLR, mic and a rig. There’s some music and filters added too. The content really isn’t anything special. Or is it? It’s time I revealed who I’m talking about (some of your have likely guessed already). The man in question is Gary Vaynerchuk.

What makes me watch?

Insight. It’s that simple. I think Gary Vee is someone that you either love or hate. His aggressive style puts many people off, but when you’re open enough to see past that, you start to be exposed to a boat-load of value. Watching the way he interacts with people in business — clients and colleagues, is a lesson in itself. You can see the mutual respect pouring out of both parties. Outside of that, I learn about marketing, growing a business and more. Valuable. Anyway, the point of this post is not for me to wax lyrical about Gary’s merits, so I’ll crack on.

This is an image. You clicked didn’t you?

Value at all touch-points

Ok, I lied. I am about to big up Gary more, but the point of this massaging is to deliver a wise lesson. The videos I am referring to are the DailyVee and these are just one of many outlets you can expose yourself to Gary within. Regardless of the medium, he delivers value. How does he do that? By creating a unique approach to everywhere he plays. A run-down.

  • Video — DailyVee and The Ask Gary Vee show are very different but offer value regardless
  • Snapchat — lo-fi, in-your-face advice and insight
  • Twitter — connecting, sharing and promoting everything else
  • Instagram — visual nuggets that use the platform well
  • Facebook — a bit of everything
  • Email — true value in a place that still demands your attention
  • Blogging — longer-form copy that yup, you guessed it, delivers value

The key lesson here is that he is an expert of using the channels/platforms in the way they are meant to be used. A bespoke approach across them all. No trying force the same content to work everywhere. That’s how we all should operate when it comes to content marketing or whatever you want to call it!

He closes the loop

While all of the above work on an individual basis, Gary makes them work together to spread his message and build his audience. Take Snapchat — a platform with no built-in ability for people to discover you; Mr Vee has made no bones about telling us all via everything outside of Snapchat to follow him there. It could get irritating, but it doesn’t as the value never drops.

Honesty at all times

Authenticity is a word that is wholly overused. I’ve just added to that fact. Regardless of that, when it’s present, it adds depth to that person’s story, their ‘personal brand’ and helps them to build a valuable audience. Gary is brutally honest at times and never hides the way he’s feeling. Admirable. I’d never heard the term ‘salty’ in reference to being p*ssed off before I started following him!

The man aside, all of the above combined should be a lesson for all. No, I’m not his stalker. Yes, I do now follow the New York Jets due to his influence. Oh, and I will bring him to Scotland to share his wisdom one day.

Back to the question at hand

Is it weird watching someone’s life unfold? No. In fact, I’d thoroughly recommend it. I think we’re going to see more of this approach as people become increasingly comfortable putting themselves out there in this way. We’re also becoming far more acceptable of lo-fi, filters-off video content, which makes creating this type of content wonderfully accesible for all.

I’m off to snoop some more.

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