Stealing Toys from Hospitals

Humanity slips further

It’s 2:30am and I’m in the maternity ward at our local hospital. Thirty minutes previous to this, my wife’s waters broke – our second child was on the way. Jules was a picture of calm as we waited to be take through to the labour area. I wasn’t so chilled as I paced, reading numerous posters pushing healthy messages to waiting room attendees.

“How we’re acting on your feedback”

A display cabinet bolted to the wall caught my eye. It was full of cards that had been filled in by users of the maternity ward, making various comments about the facilities, service, staff etc.

“I would like more toys and books for children to use”

Upon reading this feedback, the midwives had voluntarily brought in toys and books. A very noble act. What happened to the gifts? Every single one of them was stolen. Unbelievable. Why would any human think that’s an acceptable action?

“Can we have some entertainment?”

Our radio was stolen. Our TV too. We can’t afford to replace these for now. Staggering.

I can’t believe that in the minds of some people, this is behaviour that’s acceptable. The NHS (National Health Service) is a privilege. The people that work in maternity units have a gruelling job. Through the birth of our two children we’ve received incredible care and attention from people that get paid nowhere near what such a vocation should offer. Actions such as this must make them feel even more undervalued.

Things are slipping fast within the human race. Decency must prevail.

We had a very healthy baby boy, he’s known as Brodie and we’re over the moon.

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