Unsubscribing from the Dull, Hollow Content Sausage Factory

Twenty-nine unsubscribe forms completed over the course of the past 25 minutes. Not finished yet. I’m having a content-cull, something I try to do once a quarter. A review of everything and everyone that hits my inbox, fills my blog reader and penetrates my Twitter feed. A content-cleanse if you will.

This is seriously therapeutic

My reasoning for cutting a content-source from my life goes like this…

Has source x delivered truly valuable content to me in the past 3 months? Did I learn, laugh, or has their content make me really think?

If not, then they go. It’s nothing personal, it’s just that time is so short, we need to surround ourselves with things that make our lives better, right? That doesn’t mean that it has to deliver some life-changing moment. It could simply be that said piece/source of content amuses me in some way.

Content FOMO

With so much content, knowledge and opinion around us, it can be easy to feel pressure to gather and consume as much of it as we can. Content FOMO is a real thing. What if I miss that marketing blog post that holds the key to fortune? What if I don’t see the latest water-cooler sensation video early enough and fail to have the ability to input to the banter? We end up with a stream of content that by default is splattered with more crap than good.

Is it the same in your area of work?

I work in marketing. Yes, one of those people. I hardly read, watch or listen to any marketing-related content these days. Of course, I keep up to date with the latest trends, techs and techniques, but I’ve gone from reading 12+ marketing blogs a day, to only dipping into them 1/2 per week, and even then, it’s from around four sources. There’s just not much out there that’s shiny and new. Too much hollow garbage. Same advice, served slightly differently.

I used to blog on marketing 3–4 times per month. The last time I did that was March! I have been doing a fair amount of video stuff, but it’s very short, tip-led stuff. Surely I should be doing more? Well, the truth is, I have nothing new and noteworthy to write about, so instead of writing for writing’s sake, I’ve just stopped. Refreshing eh? I’m trying not to add to Mark Schaefer’s concept of Content Shock.

Via https://www.businessesgrow.com/2014/01/06/content-shock/

Two-way cleansing action

So I’ve cleansed my sources and also myself. I was starting to pong a little. I thoroughly recommend this course of action.

Do you carry-out content culls? Have you had a serious content detox? Do share your thoughts please!

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