IPLD: The data layer of a decentralized web.

What is data? The question is more philosophical than practical, but the definition we seem to be able to agree on is that data is a medium for expression.

You can express a lot with data, almost anything, but like a painting…

A simpler way to build electron apps w/ vue using vue-cli 3.

There’s quite a few tutorials out there for using Vue.js and Electron but they all seem to require a huge amount of effort and boiler generation to get started.

In vue-cli 3 the need for boiler generation has…

It’s best not to consider sweet potatoes as you would other potatoes.

When I’m looking at a Yukon, Gold, Red or Fingerling potato I think about all the different ways I can fry and crisp it, but none of that works too well with Sweet Potatoes.

How-to create perfect avatars against any image, powered by Machine Learning.

One thing you see often are rounded avatar buttons. These are easy to add to your own app when the service, like Twitter, present images people already expect to be rounded.

But other login services, like Facebook, may not…

A call to action for maintainers to support themselves and move forward.

Big notable projects like Linux and Node.js have comforting long term support cycles that ensure Enterprises and other production users can continue to use a release for years without migrating to a new one.

The ecosystems built on…

Mikeal Rogers

Accurate predictions about things that already happened.

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