Time to leave.

Congratulations, you won 🎉

  • I’m the only person holding this together, if I leave who will do this?
  • If I leave people will still just knock on my door when there is a problem because I’m known as the person who does this.
  • I depend on this project elsewhere, if I leave it’ll just get worse and then I’ll have problems anyway because it’s my dependency.
  • Nobody wants to work on someone else’s project, especially one the creator doesn’t want to maintain. People will just work on their own stuff, nobody is going to take this on.
  • Nobody has my history with the project, nobody has the breadth of understanding I do, so nobody can replace me.
  • Nothing is a larger incentive to contribute something you need to a project than knowing nobody else will do it.
  • Nothing will get people to stop asking you for something faster than you not being there.
  • The easiest way to get people to step into leadership is to leave a vacuum where you used to be.
  • People want to work on popular projects more than they want to work on their own random thing, they just need to see the opportunity, and a big hole in leadership is a great incentive.




Accurate predictions about things that already happened.

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Mikeal Rogers

Mikeal Rogers

Accurate predictions about things that already happened.

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